Anonymous said: hey. i need some help, im confused of my sexuality. recently i found out the guy that i like doesnt like me and ive been a bit sad over that, but since after that i've been checking out other girls, and unintentionally flirting with some of them sometimes. im almost positive im starting on the lesbian side, or perhaps im bisxual. im not too sure. but either way, how do i tell people? im scared to tell others.

What I would do in that situation is before you tell people just chill out a bit. Make sure you are having those feelings for the right reason and not just because of a boy not liking you. I think it’s completely normal to have feelings for both boys and girls though.

When it comes to telling people that is also something I would wait to tell people until you know for sure. When I first started talking to people about it my close friends knew but I waited a bit to go off and tell everyone else. I think waiting a bit would be better than telling everyone and then a week later saying just kidding.

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