Anonymous said: Usually I would never resort to advice on tumblr, but I have no one to talk too & I can't talk to my girl about this. I've been engaged for 5 months. My fiance's grandfather gave us a trailer to fix & move into when I graduate. My love & I have been buying stuff for our house & have been planning out what we want to do. I was so excited, but today I got a text saying her pregnant sister & husband are moving in w/ us. I really wanted this to be mine & hers. Am I being jealous & selfish?

I don’t think you are being jealous or selfish, you have every right to want your own life and house but at the same time you have to take into consideration that it’s her sister and if they need help then it’s her family ya know? I completely understand being upset about it.

I would suggest talking to your girlfriend, explaining to her that you understand it’s her family but you want alone time to. Maybe they can stay there for a little bit while they are looking for another place or something along those lines.

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